Double S (Smart and Sleek) New Design- S.elemento 90001 “LED Adaptive Raito Bat Headlight”, The Adaptive Raito LED motorcycle headlights include a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing with Anodizing Aluminum Process and Powder Coating, state of the art LEDs, and sleek bat design that not only delivers premium performance, but also gives your bike a truly unique look. The newest and class-leading Adaptive Raito On-board intelligence senses leaning angles when cornering to control light. Dynamically fills in dark areas while turning. Break through improvement in visibility and safety. Directly swaps into your factory headlight mounting location.


1. Green Product- Light weight and recyclable materials such as PC, PP, Aluminum Alloy, as well as non-toxic material are being used to meet environmental friendly and energy saving trend.

2. Low beam and high beam are designed with an integrated optical system to reduce the plating area. And totally inflection optical technology is applied on Adaptive Raito, and secondary processing-sandblasting used on day-time-running light (DRL) to increase brightness, comparing to Halogen bulb H4, it saves 70% of the energy.

3. One-Button of multi state switch: 1 button to switch between 3 states.

4. Plug and Play, easy install for over 1,000different motorcycles.

5. Smart motorcycle headlight lights the way around corners.

for MOTORCYCLE HEADLIGHT S.elemento 7inch LED Adaptive Headlight

Function :


Position lamp

Low Beam

High Beam

Adaptivie Lamp

Self Scan System


All LED supported by Osram 

Lighting state